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Covid-19 How Impact Education Advertising Industry

We All Know that After Covid-19 has affected educational systems India and leading to the total closures of School , Colleges and Universities .Government Decided to Temporarily Closed Universities for Reduce the Impact of Covid-19 . From the Top Universities to Small Education Institution Moved to Online Platform Like Google Meet and Zoom. School Closer is Not only Affected Student teachers and Families Effected in Indian economy Education Industry Contribute 4.4 % Every year Indians are the Second Largest Contributors of international students Exchange programme. Many of the other Marketing Industries also Depend Education industry Every Year . Digital Marketing ,Media companies and Leads Companies. Educational institutions and Universities are Depend Student Database for their Marketing . Education Industries Collected Student leads through Different Source like Direct Seminars , Media Advertising , Digital Marketing & Sourcing the lead from Database Providing Agencies Like www.keraladatabasemarketing.com , www.Leadsgeit.com. the leads get it is a leading Lead generation Company in India and kerala Database Marketing is Leading Student Database provider India , this year 2021 Student leads getting is Hardest part because of Restriction of Education Industry Due to Covid-19

How Education Industry Can get up from the Covid-19

Digital Marketing is one of the Main tool for getting Student Leads ,Organic Google Search Can Able to Improve the Admission and Advertising in Media branding Your Ads in Crowded Places and Most important in Sourcing the genuine Student leads from the Best Student Leads Suppliers . We Know the Student leads Suppliers Faking their Product with Mixing Old Leads and new Leads for manipulating the Count of Student leads, We Can Avoid this type of Suppliers from the industry buy only the Leads from the Reputed companies . Marketing the leads in proper Organised Format

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