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 Nursing Database in Kochi


 Nursing Candidate Database is Most important Database for Abroad Education Consultants. After the Covid-19 Physical Leads Collection is not possible any where in the world . Database is the Key of Online marketing databases contain a vast amount of information on web activity, social media interactions and other online behaviours linked Email address and phone number. Medical Admission and Nursing Requirement are booming. Nursing Database is the Hottest Selling Database in leads Market in Kerala,  Our Database are most Important in Admission ,Nursing Database, PLUS TWO STUDENT DATABASE,BBA BCOM BSC BTECH Student Database is 100% Verified Email id and Mobile Number of Students who Passed out 2021 Freshers 

  • Number of Nurses : 10000
  • Area of Coverage: Kerala
  • 2021 Updated
  • 85% to 90% Accuracy
  • Leads Content : Nurse Name, Address, City, State, Mobile No, Email Id
  • Format Of Data : Microsoft Excel