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We are one of the best leading student database providers in Kerala. Engineering is a professional course that offers a great varieties of job opportunity in the world of science of technology in the modern era. Kerala is the best state in south India that excels in providing the best education. There are many engineering colleges in our state that offers engineering. We can broadly Categorize them into two main streams, they are Computer based and Non-computer based. In the former one, we have IT, EC and CS and the latter includes Mechanical, Civil and Electrical.

The Computer based student database is very useful for Software Training Institutes. We possess the most updated list of 2021 student database. We are very proud to serve your needs. Our services and dealings will make your firm more successful. The Non-computer based student database is in high demand for Oil and Gas, NDT Training companies. Our Non-computer based student database is accurate, authentic and genuine. It will definitely bring progress in your institutions. Our team will be always at your service to support you. Each of our focus area are described below in details.

Information Technology (IT) plays an inevitable role in the modern era of the whole human society. Its role can be traced from the bank sector to even the field of food items that are now at the fingertip in the smart phone. The Information Technology engineers are very much demanding in this period. It has become the part and parcel of our lives. The Post-Covid19 era also proved the scope of IT Engineering  course. There are lots of opportunities available, especially in every field of the society. The students who are currently pursuing the final degree need right path of motivation. We trust that you are the right resource for them to guide them in the correct path. Our IT Engineering Student database will bring the network strong enough to create a better future for the whole humanity. We are always trustworthy in our dealings as we need our clients to get the maximum results which not only helps to grow them alone but also us too. Each of the information we provide are always fresh and authentic.

Electronics and Communication Engineering in short form, known as EC Engineering creates a great career for the students. It is also called as ECE. After the successful completion of the course, the students can take up a job in the core electronics sector or in any of the allied fields. The former sector include semiconductor sector, electronics goods sector, electronics startup sector etc. And the latter include IT sector, computer science field, electrical engineering field, communication field etc. This is also a computer based course. We have a great collection of EC Engineering Student database. The clients' satisfaction is our satisfaction, so we work hard to achieve our aim. We work like a family for the better progress. We always collect the feedback and work accordingly. We hate defaults and we are very cautious with all our data that we share with our clients.

Computer engineering focuses with the designing, implementation, and management of software as well as hardware processes. Therefore a computer engineer is entitled to develop the best software and  hardware system that will outdate the existing computation theory and computational system designs. Time is money for the modern world of digitalisation, if an innovative technology is sprout then and now. Today, this is one of the most attractive fields in the modern generation. In simple words, it is a blend of Information Technology, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Hardware & Software Design, etc. Our CS Engineering Student database is the best database. We can assure you good result in your firm. You can motivate and spread awareness among the students and parents in a convincing manner. It is simply because our database are fresh and we focus in our data Fresher only.

It is regarded as one of the oldest and broadest fields of engineering, especially a Non-computer base. It deals with the design, construction and use of machines. The basic understanding and knowledge of how heavy tools and machinery work are covered through this course. A student pursuing a mechanical engineering programme will be interested in a better career option. Their knowledge about designing of automobiles, electric motors, aircraft and other heavy vehicles will drive them to your firm or institution. Both in India and abroad, the scope of mechanical engineering is huge. We provide you the best student data base of Mechanical Engineering. Our teamwork is the main asset of our company. Our data can be cross checked by you before the purchase. We always value the need of our clients and we are dedicated in our profession and responsibilities.

Civil engineering is also a professional course that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including public works such as roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports, sewerage systems, pipelines, structural components of buildings, and railways. It involves planning, designing, constructing, maintaining and supervising infrastructures. Our Civil Engineering Student database is the best resource that will aid you to achieve your goals within a limited period of time. This is true for all our database including this section too. We always update our database and rectify all the errors if any. This is made possible by the effort of our team members.

Electrical Engineering deals with the study of application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. After the completion of the course, the students get the idea of designing and creation of electric circuits and equipment. They can work on large power plants as well in small hardware companies which includes designing, manufacturing and operating power plants, industrial machinery, electrical motors, computer chips and ignition systems for automobiles, aircrafts, space crafts and all kinds of engines. It positions widely across a range of specialties such as acoustics, speech, signal processing to electromagnetic compatibility, automobiles to vehicular technology, geo-science and remote sensing, laser and electro-optics, robotics, ultra-sonic, ferroelectrics and frequency control. We provide you the best updated database of Electrical Engineering

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